Bake Potatoes Like a Pro plus Ten Surprising Toppings

A baked potato is something that can be perfectly cooked with the simple no foil method described. But the real good news is that it lends itself to be a host medium for an awesome range of healthy and interesting toppings. It is no longer a sour cream and chives topping world. The range of topping ideas in indeed wide ranging from a very basic sea salt baked potato to Thai stuffed sweet potato with peanut sauce.

Key Takeaways:

  • A roasted sea-salt potato is a technique for crispy potatoes. Do not use foil, bake on the rack.
  • A few toppings for baked potatoes are hummus and kale, hibiscus tea yogurt and turmeric granola, and chili slathered.
  • Sweet potatoes with spinach and feta use pine seeds to top the dish.

“I posted this recipe nearly seven years ago, and have used this technique to bake potatoes, yams, and sweet potatoes.”

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