Berry Waffles

This would make a wonderful breakfast. Waffles are popular and the berries add sweetness and great flavor. This could also be served with ice cream as a dessert. Either way, your guests will love it. It isn’t hard to make waffles and they taste so much better than those you make with a toaster that comes frozen. They’re also bigger and you can customize them with different flavors depending on the personal taste of your guests.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sunday’s spent with the author’s grandmothers hold a special place in his/her heart.
  • The smell of berry waffles in the morning left a lasting impression on the author.
  • Although there are many waffle recipes, Grandmother’s is a favorite and easily modified to create a healthier version.

“Waking up to the smell of berry waffles is one of the best memories”

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