Europe’s Favorite Beer Cocktail, in Dessert Form

The shandy is a European bear and usually lemon cola mix. While different countries have various versions of names for this, the shandy seems to be well accepted. The more bitter beers are usually not used for this drink, choosing instead the more light flavored. Sometimes a lemon or lemon sherbert is used instead of the cola. Other colas and flavorings have been tried as well. It’s a light drink on the alcohol side which is why some cyclists choose it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Europe has voiced its opinion regarding a dessert beer cocktail. That is a novel idea that is seeing renewed attention among cooks.
  • A shandy is a combination of beer and lemon soda. Now the shandy has seen a new purpose in the European kitchen.
  • Serve the dessert shandy after a hearty meal for guests. The beer should not be bitter, so try popular lagers.

“The bitterness in beer tends to be exaggerated in freezing, while the other flavors are muted; this can make beer-flavored ice creams and sherbets jarringly bitter but not particularly flavorful.”

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