The Serious Eats Guide to Carving Turkey

Many people dread the act of carving the turkey and with good reason. How many times does it become a complicated mess? If you wish to avoid the bits and pieces of almost sawed off meat, then you need to follow this methodical process. First things to have in place are a sharp and sturdy knife and a secure and large enough cutting board and a clean dishcloth to hold the bird in place. You will start with making a cut between the leg and the breast as depicted in the photo. If you continue with the steps, you will end up have not only a delicious dinner but it will be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • The proper way to start carving starts at the beginning, while raw
  • Carving should begin at the joints to get the most meat from the bone
  • Transfer meat to warm platter for serving to keep meat desirable temperature

“Roasted and ready? All right, Señor Gobbles. Time for your surgery.”

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