How to Keep Your Hot Cocoa from Clumping

It’s winter. We get it. It’s cold, it’s snowy, and you want to get warm, but there is nothing (ok there is plenty) worse than your hot cocoa coming out all clumpy. Stirring for what feels like hours only to get a brown packet of goo in your mouth as you sip that liquid. The solution seems to be preparation. Before you make this liquid, add a splash of boiling water and stir. This will make a paste and break up those clumps before you add in the rest of the water, giving you smooth creamy, lump-free, hot cocoa to enjoy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dry clumps of cocoa in the drink is one of the worst parts of drinking hot cocoa.
  • By first making a paste with the hot cocoa mix and milk, you can avoid clumping.
  • The pre-moistened cocoa mix will dissolve very evenly into the liquid you put it in.

“A good cup of hot cocoa on a chilly morning is one of the things I love most this time of year.”

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