Japanese Noodle Masters share Ramen and Soba Techniques

Soba is a type of noodle. This is the same noodle you will find in ramen noodle packets. The noodle making process is similar to that of Italian pasta making. Some of the noodles are made with rye or other flavors. Big factories throughout Japan use massive equipment to dry out the pasta. In some of the smaller shops across the countryside, you can watch the owners make the pasta from the window. It is a fascinating process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making soba noodles by hand is an art as much as a skill in Japan.
  • There are several masters of soba noodle craft that have publicly demonstrated the technique.
  • Despite the ancient origins, modern life demands factory made noodles to handle demand from so many consumers.

“On occasion, you’ll come across someone hand-making soba noodles and the process is spell-binding to observe.”

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