Lemon Spaghetti: Bright, Fresh, Fast, and Perfect for a Winter Night

Take advantage of the winter citrus season to make a delightful version of a classic pasta dish. Classic Alfredo sauce is little more than butter and Parmesan cheese. The addition of a little lemon zest and juice easily provides a fresh twist on basic Alfredo recipe. Some recipes call for the addition of cream which makes Alfredo heavy and mutes flavors. Using starchy pasta water in place of cream, plus the addition of zest and juice to taste allows for the creation of a personalized pasta dish in fifteen minutes.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want a nice tart lemon flavor, don’t use cream. In any recipe.
  • Water from cooking pasta is an essential way to thicken sauces and make them creamy – without the cream.
  • Italian sauces are more varied than the tomato-based, oil-based sauces, or traditional butter and cream alfredo sauces.

“And it strikes a perfect balance between stomach-warming richness, with all the cheese and butter, and a bright, sunny blast of lemon.”

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