The One Thing Your Mason Jars Are Missing

People use mason jars for a wide variety of kitchen applications. Not many people know however that the two piece lids are meant only to be used for canning. If you use those lids more than one time, somewhere down the line they will begin to rust. They meant for single use. Therefore, if you are not canning, but using the lids for something else, a one piece lid is a better choice. They are coated to prevent rust and their biggest advantage is that they are just one piece.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mason jars are not only used for canning, but for many other purposes such as drinking glasses, food storage.
  • The two piece lids on Mason jars are used for canning, but they are not practical for other purposes because they rust over time.
  • One piece lids are better for use with Mason jars not used for canning because they are easier to clean, they are easier to keep track of, and they don’t rust.

“Having a lid that’s all one piece makes it a lot harder to lose an important piece.”

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