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This Jamaican jerk recipe can be made in one skillet making it really simple to cook up, however, the taste is anything but that. Using a wet jerk as opposed to the traditional dry rub allows the spices to really marinate in the chicken. The aroma is one you and your guests will not soon forget. Paired with a flavorful coconut rice and beans this dish will quickly become one of your favorite creations in the kitchen

Key Takeaways:

  • Jerk chicken originated from Jamaica and people have taken great interest in it. But it also includes the cooking technique of smoking meat for the dish.
  • Allspice is an important ingredient that goes into the dish people will use. Jerk chicken skillet dinner is exactly what people want to try on their own.
  • Experiment with the dish and learn a little about what people will find along the way. Jerk chicken skillet dinner is sure to be a big hit too.

“Jerk usually refers to a spice blend, which originated in Jamaica, but also often includes the cooking technique of meat smoked or grilled over branches of allspice.”

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