Roast Your Strawberries for a Taste of Summer in Winter

Roasting is a perfect way to perk up those boring hothouse or imported strawberries. Being in the north means we won’t hit peak strawberries until July, so you may need to make them a bit more for the time being with roasting. Adding extra sugar, a bit of lemon juice and a vanilla pod is perfect to add some flavor and bring out that sweetness naturally in the underripe or not so fresh strawberries you have lying around.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roasting anything helps to be out the sugars and flavor especially in these strawberries
  • The added sugar and vanilla only help to caramelize the fruit and make them sweeter
  • The roasted strawberries are perfect by themselves or with any dish like strawberry shortcake

“There’s no reason to despair when working with lackluster winter strawberries, as long as you give them just a little TLC with these roasting and flavor-improving tricks.”

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