Slow Cooker Brats and Beer Cheese Dip

A food blog post and a recipe for slow cooker brats and beer cheese dip. The first part describes the author’s experiences stationed in Germany and how she grew fond of the food there. She talks about the ingredients and which ones she prefers to use in the recipe below. She also talks about good places to use the recipe. The second part is a recipe for the food. Throughout the article, there are pictures of the food and preparation of it at various stages.

Key Takeaways:

  • The dip was inspired by the author’s time in Germany and is great for get-togethers.
  • The dip in is easy to make, simply cooking the sausage and onions and then tossing together with cheese in a slow cooker.
  • The dips keep warm well, making a long-lasting snack, and is easy to reheat via microwave.

“This Brats and Beer Cheese Dip were born out of my love for this German fare and for hosting Super Bowl parties.”

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