Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Say what you will about pumpkin flavor showing up everywhere, there’s still nothing like a fall pumpkin pie. In this vegan version, you won’t need much more than pumpkin and spices for the filling but tofu will give it a little firmness. Blend them up and pour into the pie crust, made easily with cold margarine and flour. Top the pumpkin with vegan ice cream or another fall harvest fruit. It’s filled with protein and sweetness for the perfect fall evening dessert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vegan pumpkin pie infused with the spices of fall makes a flavorful tahnksgiving addition
  • Buttery crust, warming spices and the humble pumpkin combine together to make a tasty Vegan pumpkin pie
  • A scoop of Vegan vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of blackberries adds color and tasty treat to Vegan pumpkin pie

“Vegan pumpkin pie: creamy, silky, full of warming spices & high in protein!”

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