Calamansi Beer Cooler

Calamansi Beer is actually like a beer cocktail. One of the ingredients in this drink (calamansi juice cooler) can be hard to find. You might want to look at Trader Joe’s. This is a great drink for any occasion and is comparable to any slushie drink out there. The nice thing is there is only two ingredients you have to worry about (other than ice). That is the calamansi juice cooler you get from Trader Joe’s and IPA beer. Mix one can with one bottle, respectively, and enjoy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Calamansi fruit has a special taste that people seem to enjoy. It is now included as an ingredient for a beer cooler.
  • The drink might be the perfect choice for a Super Bowl event. That is the perfect time to share a drink with friends too.
  • Enjoy the smooth and fruity taste of the drink at any time. The two ingredient drink is pretty easy to mix for those interested.

“Long way of saying, I feel like I have my window here, and THIS needs to be your two-ingredient Super Bowl beverage.”

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