Recipe: Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze — Brunch Recipes from The Kitchn

Cinnamon rolls. Can they exist without cinnamon and still be delicious? The answer is yes and this recipe goes out to prove it. Substituting the traditional cinnamon and butter roll up with butter, ginger, lemon, and nutmeg, this tries to turn that dynamic all on its head. The new ingredients give it a special flavor that will definitely still feel like comfort food as it comes out of the oven, but at that seasonal citrus that is ripe and ready to go right now.

Key Takeaways:

  • The concept of a sticky roll goes beyond cinnamon – there are many other delicious variations on this food type.
  • These lemon and cream cheese rolls are a new twist on a type of breakfast roll and are extremely popular with crowds.
  • This recipe has been curated and updated over time to provide the best possible end product for readers.

“The cream cheese glaze puts it over the top, with more lemon tartness and not too much sweetness.”

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