Oh, Go Ahead, It’s Summer: Eat Dessert for Dinner

Is it still summer, so you can go ahead and eat some dessert for dinner. Summer is the perfect time to bend the rules of your diet and even break them. The deep dish peach pie is one dessert that you might enjoy a lot. Another one is called the Blackberry summer pudding. This is another tasty treat that people can enjoy. The Summer Cheesecake Mousse is another amazing dessert that many people will enjoy this Summer.

Key Takeaways:

  • An “ice cream for dinner” day is a summer bucket list tradition your kids will love.
  • a berry galette with cheesecake topping is easier than cheesecake and more forgiving than pie.
  • If you eat a normal dinner, you might not have room to fully enjoy these desserts.

“These fruity, indulgent desserts are filling, vibrant — and too delicious to wait to eat until after dinner anyway.”

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