Recipe: Salsa-Simmered Fish — Recipe From The Kitchn

The easy-to-follow recipe provides step by step instructions and an ingredient list where most everything you need can be found in your refrigerator or pantry and anything else will be available at the grocery store. There are no special products, tools, or gadgets required. The article also provides helpful hints on substituting different fish and salsas for a more adventurous dish. Following the recipe will help you put together a quick (under 10 minutes!), easy meal that is colorful and fresh.

Key Takeaways:

  • Salsa gives this dish its tangy bite and allows a quick simmering sauce for the delicate fish.
  • Tomato salsa is the star, but any salsa can be used to give the fish a new play on an old favorite
  • The best thing is a quick time, about five minutes from simmer to finish, for an easy nightly meal.

“This dinner is a lesson in contrasting textures and flavors. Mild cod’s flaky, fall-apart texture mingles with a bright and tangy tomato salsa’s pleasing chunkiness in every bite.”

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