Recipe: Thanksgiving Jello Shots — Friendsgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving jello shots are a great addition to this year’s festivities and many people will enjoy them because they are very tasty. Jello shots might sound like just a throwback to your younger days when you used to go out drinking. But, these are actually a very good holiday treat that people can enjoy. They are great for the busy holiday season. What sets these drinks apart from others is that the quality of the vodka is a lot better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using a ratio of three parts water to one part vodka makes a higher-quality shot.
  • The second gelatin mixture has to be cooled before pouring, in order to distinguish it from the first gelatin mixture.
  • One key benefit is the ability to prepare then store the shots for up to seven days.

“Jello shots might be a throwback to younger, wilder days, but these bite-sized cocktails are actually the perfect make-ahead treat for a busy holiday season (you can whip them up a week ahead of time).”

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