Recipe: Easy Slow Cooker Lentil Soup — Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dinners

Making a simple soup should be as it sounds, simple. There may be a lot of ingredients, but the proper layering and prep should make that a breeze. This recipe does exactly that. You will get all the vegetables you are craving and you don’t have to do any major shortcuts by using canned everything. Everything is fresh and ready to go, even the lentils, who unlike beans, don’t need a pre-soak, they’re ready to cook just like rice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lentils are great for last-minute dishes because you don’t have to pre-soak them or cook them for hours.
  • Pick the right lentils, however, and you can simmer them for hours in a slow cooker, creating an amazingly hearty soup.
  • Green lentils are a great choice for salads because they keep their shape even after cooking.

“A soup this easy to make should not taste this good; it should require a grocery list a mile long, your knife should dull from constant chopping, and you should have to clear your calendar for a marathon cooking session.”

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