Recreate the Starbucks Maple Pecan Latte at Home

The only problem with Starbucks seasonal drinks, such as the delicious Maple Pecan Latte, is that they are only offered during specific seasons! But don’t panic because you can recreate the Maple Pecan Latte right in your own home. For the base, use a cup of hot coffee, the stronger the better, or a shot of espresso. Flavor it with pure maple syrup, then top it with frothed milk, sweetened whipped cream, and pecans. Not only is this homemade Maple Pecan Latte to die for but you can enjoy it all year-round!

Key Takeaways:

  • The downside of Starbucks deliciously sweet Maple Pecan Latte is that it’s only available seasonally.
  • The good news is that you can make a Maple Pecan Latte right in your own kitchen with some espresso, pecans, whipped cream, and maple syrup.
  • The best parts about recreating Starbucks popular Maple Pecan Latte at home is that you are saving money and can enjoy it any time of the year.

“There are a few fall favorites from Starbucks including the maple pecan latte. The maple pecan latte combines the sweetness of maple syrup with the crunch of toasted pecans. It is a fall staple on the Starbucks menu and a customer favorite.”

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