Recipe: Buttery Cheddar Herb Rolls — Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving is an important time of the year for many people. Buttery cheddar herb rolls will complement any spread at the table. They are savory and tasty for anyone who tries them, perfect as Thanksgiving side items. Make sure that the dough rises appropriately before baking these rolls. Microwave some water and use that for kneading the dough itself. That will help the dough reach the right consistency before baking. These rolls are quick and easy to make too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Place your dough in a warm place so it will rise
  • Do not mix the cheese in with the dough with a mixer, Do it by hand
  • The rolls are great on their own or you can make Sandwiches with the leftovers

“These yeasted dinner rolls come together easily with the help of a stand mixer and your stove to warm up the milk and butter.”

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