Sugar-Free Coconut Carob Bars

Carob is basically chocolate’s cousin. The flavor is similar, but unlike chocolate it requires none of the temperings, making it far easier to incorporate into recipes than other chocolates, but it is lower in calories. The whole thing is blended together to mix up the ingredients and help whip it up to give it a bit more texture before you pour it out. They call for coconut butter and oil. The butter is something you can buy, but feel free to use her recipe to make your own out of unsweetened flakes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Easy to make, 7 ingredient recipe that comes together fast
  • Sugar-free, with many nutritious ingredients that with help you feel great about what you are eating
  • Many health benefits from a eat anytime treat that includes carob powder and maca powder

“These would make the perfect snack or treat to have on hand throughout the week.”

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