Weeknight Dinner Recipe: Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza — Recipes From The Kitchn

Prosciutto and arugula combine well together in any Italian dish. But they also make for great toppings on a pizza as well. The recipe features some traditional Italian ingredients that need to be tried. It makes for the perfect weeknight dinner in any household setting as well. Get to know a little about prosciutto and arugula as ingredients for a pizza. People are pleased with the delicious results that they get from the recipe provided.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some pizzas require too much preparation time to be worth making on a weeknight.
  • This pizza is made of prosciutto and arugula which gives it a salty, spicy combination of flavors.
  • It is important to fill the dough with lots of prosciutto and expect the arugula to wilt a bit in the oven.

“Topped with a layer of chewy, crisp-edged prosciutto and finished with a couple of handfuls of fresh, peppery arugula, it comes together in a flash — no chopping or precooking necessary.”

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